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Osteopathy and Movement Testimonials

Testimonials from happy clients who have benefited from Osteopathy and Movement

Ricky Brown is an excellent practitioner. Rigorous, alert to his client’s requirements, good-humoured, good-natured and really effective. I cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone looking for a good, balanced fitness or strength workout regime.
Ralph Fiennes, Actor
Ricky Brown is a highly skilled innovative trainer. He combines different disciplines in order to create an intense and highly effective way to get in shape. Also his understanding of nutrition is second to none. I loved training with him and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.
Rafe Spall, Actor
I would be very happy to recommend Ricky as a professional osteopath and dedicated physical fitness consultant. He has acted as my mentor/guide to manage my stenosis pain at the age of 67. His expertise and persistence has been very helpful in my day to day work as well as my personal life. Ricky’s imaginative workouts are matched by a wonderful sense of making exercises light and workable, and his vigorous drive is inspirational. His military background coupled with professional qualifications and an understanding of a person’s pain are remarkable assets. I would not hesitate to consult Ricky for any future osteopathic related issues and am pleased to say that he would be an asset to anybody’s fitness program.
Ummed , Retiree
I approached Ricky 3 months ago to help me reduce the back pain I had. He devised a rehabilitation programme consisting of ‘hands on’ treatment and exercises to target the main dysfunctional areas. Along with his coaching and advice, the rehabilitation programme helped me reduce and manage the pain greatly. Ricky understood exactly what I needed, and created a tailor made solution that fits well within my schedule and lifestyle. His knowledge of nutrition and supplementation is also of great help.
Emmanuel, Entrepreneur and Marketer
Earlier this year I ruptured my right anterior cruciate ligament playing basketball but was completely unaware of the extent of the damage until I saw Ricky who examined me, made an accurate diagnosis and recommended me for an MRI. Ricky’s reassuring expertise helped me keep my knee as strong as possible before surgery and thanks to his post surgery training my consultant recently told me that my knee was much stronger than expected at this stage of recovery. Ricky’s combination of progressive treatment and specific conditioning has been absolutely essential for my recovery and I cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone who wants to regain their strength, skill and confidence after injury.
Charlotte, Analyst
I started training with Ricky Brown 8 years ago, and what initially started out as something I felt that I had to do, quickly turned into something that I enjoyed and actually looked forward to. Ricky taught me the importance of strength training and I was immediately able to see the results – both in the positive changes to my body and my increased strength. I started training with Ricky again this year because of knee pain and in less than 3 weeks my knee was stronger and the pain that I had been experiencing on daily basis disappeared. I had been unable to do a full squat for over a year but now I am able to squat with weights, something I did not envisage doing again. I used to joke with my friends that I had the knee of an 80 year old but with Ricky’s approach to treatment, training and rehabilitation I know that I shall be climbing another mountain some time soon.
Clare, Head of Marketing for Mercer's Investments business
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