Free Healthcare in Guernsey

Nature’s healing power is an ancient principle in medicine that describes the body’s innate ability to repair itself. This very principle is also one of the underpinning tenets of Osteopathic medicine. Just over a century ago the biologist Professor J Arthur Thomson extended this definition to also encompass the therapeutic power of our natural environments such as forests, mountains and vast bodies of water.

With the ever-increasing rise of stress driven illness in our expanding urban environments, coupled with the increase in screen-based professions and entertainment, contact with our natural environments is becoming increasingly more critical to both our psychological and physical health. Stress hormone levels, blood pressure and muscle tension have all displayed positive changes in people exposed to green spaces, vegetation rich scenery and large bodies of water when compared with urban built scenery. Areas of the brain that are linked to anxiety and unpleasant stimuli have also shown a reduction in activity via brain imaging. In addition, people have displayed significant improvements in cognitive performance by simply being in the presence of indoor vegetation.

Away from the screen and out into the green

The relatively sudden rise in the use of screen-based entertainment such as smart phones, video games and computers, may have far reaching consequences for our physical and mental health. Obesity, anxiety and depression are just a few conditions that have been linked with the lifestyle changes imposed upon us by rapidly advancing technology. With such exposure to overwhelming levels of cyber-based information, we are now much less likely to engage in contemplative activities.

Due to individual and cultural differences, natural settings may be more therapeutic for some than others. However the positive relationship between nature connectedness and personal well-being cannot be ignored and may well provide the perfect respite for individuals who both live and work in urban environments and are regularly exposed to high levels of stress.

Free Therapy in Guernsey

Since relocating to the Island of Guernsey from Central London one year ago I have personally experienced a significant reduction in levels of anxiety and an increase in vitality. Living in a scenically beautiful coastal environment provides natural inspiration to be more present, creative, outdoors and energetic. The close proximity of this stunning island provides the perfect respite for anyone needing to take a break from the stressful urban environments of the UK’s big cities. In 2017 I hope to host more family and friends here on the island for a therapeutic break to clear the mind, reinvigorate the body and reconnect with natural surroundings.

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