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Exercise & Movement Rehabilitation in Guernsey

Tailored Movement and Exercise TherapyMovement is Medicine

  Effective treatment for musculoskeletal injury should at some stage incorporate exercise therapy. Tailored exercise therapy is needed to load, heal and strengthen previously damaged and weakened structures such as muscles, ligaments and tendons. Improvements in blood supply, movement correction and accelerated healing are just a few reasons why a bespoke programme of exercise that addresses your movement needs is a vital component of your treatment.

Be Specific for Superior Results

The principle of specificity in exercise means that we will become stronger and more able in the specific exercises we  perform. Therefore it will be more effective to perform exercises that reflect your specific movement needs during your rehabilitation, rather than performing generic ‘one size fits all’ exercises. The brain recognizes movement, not muscles. Non-specific exercises will result in non-specific results, so if you want to make a seamless and speedy transition from injury to performance contact me now to book your personalized exercise rehabilitation session.

Arthritis, Post Surgery, or Return to Sport

When we experience musculoskeletal injury or pain the nervous system cleverly reorganizes the way we move in order to prevent further damage and sustain function. Movement adaptations can lead to increased joint degeneration, pain elsewhere due to compensatory movement patterns and reduced sports performance. An essential, and often neglected, component of injury recovery is the need to regain movement deficits in stability, confidence, power, range of motion and variability.  Knowing when and how to progress you will make a significant difference in the speed and quality of your recovery.

Whether you are 18 or 85, a professional athlete or recovering from a hip replacement, get in touch to see how I can guide you from pain and injury back to robust movement and optimum sports performance.

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