Osteopathy & Exercise Therapy in Guernsey


As an Osteopath that specialises in Tailored Exercise Therapy in Guernsey, I frequently encounter people who have persistent and recurrent aches and pains despite having had regular manual therapy treatment such as physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy. When asked about the details of their treatment, it is often described as mostly passive (hands-on) treatment, with a few home-based exercises thrown in. When I ask patients to demonstrate their prescribed exercises, many have either forgotten how to do them or demonstrate poor technique and understanding in relation to their particular injury.

The majority of patients I see in primary care are over 40 years old, which is significant because of the age-related decline in muscle mass and strength that begins in the 4th decade of life and increases with age. Research suggests that strength loss beyond the age of 50 is commonly in excess of 15% per decade. Common complaints such as knee and shoulder pain are often due to degenerative changes, which are exacerbated by such age- related losses of muscle mass, strength and function. These changes inevitably lead to an increase in frailty, risk of fracture-related falls and disability.

Treatment that heals on many levels

When seeking suitable treatment for musculoskeletal aches and pains, it is essential that your treatment not only helps to reduce pain but also addresses the cause and effects such as muscular weakness and loss of muscle mass. ‘Hands-on’ manual therapy may help reduce pain but it won’t increase your functional strength or depleted muscle mass. Tailored and supervised exercise therapy not only reduces pain effectively, but will also preserve and improve strength, function and muscle mass.

Unfortunately many patients do not stick to exercises they are given by therapists and, as a result, end up with continual discomfort or re-injury. Supervised and tailored exercise therapy will provide you with the structure, safety and progression to not only reduce pain but also resolve any underlying strength and functional deficits. The additional benefits, such as reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, improved insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular health, energy levels and bone density, make exercise therapy a truly holistic treatment and much better bang for your buck!

Truly holistic treatment that gives you more ‘bang for your buck’

So to summarise, if we aren’t performing regular and structured activity (specifically resistance training) beyond the age of 40, we will slowly lose both muscle mass and strength. This is both a cause and effect of some of the most common musculoskeletal injuries and pain. Passive treatment may help reduce discomfort, but will not help you effectively regain or improve your muscle size and strength losses, which are essential aspects of a thorough recovery. Individually tailored exercise therapy will not only resolve pain and injury, but also preserve and improve your physical strength, as well as provide a host of protective benefits that will significantly improve your overall healthExercise Therapy works.

So if you want more ‘bang for you buck’ from your treatment, get in touch for a free consultation to see how a combination of Osteopathic and Tailored Exercise Therapy treatment can help you.


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