5 minute movement medley to beat back pain and stiffness.

If you suffer from general back ache and stiffness, these 5 exercises are a great way to mobilise your spine and help you move more freely. If you find that you’re suffering from regular morning stiffness and pain in the lower back, it’s definitely worth booking an appointment with your local Osteopath just to make sure there are no underlying issues. Perform each movement as many times as you feel necessary but focus on strict technique and using the breathing patterns to enhance the movements.


Upper, mid and lower back mobility exercises.

1- Sidelying Spine Rotation & Shoulder mobilisation

Breathe in as you circle upper arm above head and behind you. Watch moving arm as you rotate spine  whilst keeping bent knee in touch with floor. Breath out as you return to beginning.

North London Osteopath in Finchley demonstrates spine mobility exercise

Finchley Road Osteopath Ricky Brown demonstrates exercises to relieve back pain

North London Mobile Osteopath demonstrates back care exercises






2- Kneeling Spine Rotation & Chest Opener

Inhale as you lift one arm and reach up to ceiling, stretching across chest and squeezing shoulder blades together. Exhale as you thread same arm underneath opposite armpit and try to reach up to ceiling again while looking under armpit.

Finchley Road Osteopath back bain relieving exercises

Finchley Road Osteopath, best exercises for back pain relief






3- Cat stretch

Round spine up towards ceiling and separate shoulder blades as you breathe out and look into your belly. Inhale as you arch your spine in opposite direction, tilt coccyx up to ceiling and look forward.

North London, Finchley Osteopath and Personal Trainer Ricky Brown demonstrates the best stretches for back painNorth London, Finchley Osteopath Ricky Brown demonstrates the best exercise for Back Pain






4- Thoracic Spine Extension

Place bottom of shoulder blades across soft roller  and inhale as you roll back and extend spine over the roller. Exhale as you return to a neutral spine

North London, Finchley Osteopath and Personal Trainer Ricky Brown demonstrates upper spine mobilisation exercises

Osteopath and Personal Trainer in North London, Finchley road Ricky Brown demonstrates best exercises for back pain


Finish off with a relaxing lower back stretch.

Lay on back, hold outside of knee with opposite hand and exhale as you pull knee across the body. Try to keep opposite shoulder blade in contact with floor. Use exhale to relax deeper into stretch.

Osteopath and Personal Trainer in Finchley, North London Ricky Brown demonstrates the best stretches for lower back pain


























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