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Osteopath and Exercise Therapy in Guernsey, Channel Islands

 What I do

 Osteopathy and Movement is a mobile Musculoskeletal rehabilitation and Health Coaching service that covers the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands

I provide an integrated health and wellness service that includes Osteopathic Treatment,  Tailored Exercise Therapy, Dietary Analysis and Health Coaching.

Effective recovery from pain and injury is much more than manipulating, stretching and rubbing!  The human body is a complex organism not  a simple mechanism. What we eat, how we move and how we cope with stress, all play a significant role in our ability to recover from injury, and protect ourselves from future recurrence.

By providing a multifaceted treatment approach that considers your nutritional status and lifestyle, I will guide you swiftly through the rehabilitation process and into a superior state of health, function and performance.

My aim is to provide holistic, personalized and evidence-based treatment that not only resolves aches and pains but improves lives. If you’re looking for treatment that lasts, contact me now to see how I can help.

Why I do it

As an Osteopath in Guernsey, I regularly encounter people who have received many hours of manual therapy treatment but remain in poor general health and recurrent pain. Osteopathy and Movement provides a comprehensive spectrum of treatment that not only focuses on eliminating pain but also moving you further up the spectrum of health.

I  have merged my skill and experience of being a clinical healthcare practitioner and health & fitness professional, to provide a comprehensive  health coaching service that is effective in treating an array of conditions such as Musculoskeletal pain, IBS, Obesity, Sports Injuries and Type 2 Diabetes.

My treatment process involves a thorough assessment of your medical history, current lifestyle, symptoms and health goals, followed by one to one consultations, personalized plans and continual progress checks. Your treatment plan will be tailored to you and your lifestyle.

I focus on creating a strong therapeutic partnership with every client in order to inspire modest lifestyle changes that make a significant impact. Whether you are suffering from aches and pains, or chronic lifestyle related disease I can help you live a happier, healthier and vital life.

Osteopathy and Movement Services in Guernsey Channel Islands

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Holistic Osteopathic Treatment and Health Coaching in Guernsey

Musculoskeletal pain and injury has many contributing factors that you may not be aware of. By asking you key questions about  lifestyle, diet and movement habits, I can then provide specific treatment that will address the root of your particular condition.

‘Quick fix’ treatment doesn’t last, especially if the habits that contribute to injury are not addressed. I can help you recognize and change contributing lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and stress. If you suffer from recurrent pain and injury, it is very possible that your treatments are not addressing the whole picture!

I will use a combination of Osteopathy, Naturopathic Nutrition, Exercise Therapy and Health Coaching to not just resolve aches and pains but to push you up the spectrum of health and avoid future repercussions.


Osteopathic Consultation and Holistic Treatment in Guernsey

Our first meeting will involve me asking you questions about your aches & pains, lifestyle and goals. After that I will physically assess you and explain any relevant findings.

I will then explain your specific treatment approach in relation to your goals.

In some cases you may need onward referral for further investigation, if not, treatment will commence straight away and may include interventions such as manual therapy, exercise therapy, motivational interviewing and dietary analysis.

The predominantly passive and gentle techniques that define osteopathy are highly therapeutic but only address part of the necessary rehabilitation process. Because musculoskeletal injury and pain often results in muscle wasting and loss of strength. When pain is reduced, strength, endurance, ability and power need restoring in order to reduce the potential of re-injury. This is why my integrated approach merges passive osteopathic treatment  with active movement and strength training to provide you with a thorough course of treatment that enables you to remain pain free and more physically resilient to the rigours of your activities.

Traditionally osteopathic treatment is applied while the patient is recumbent on a plinth. Any positive effect we have on the body in this position may not be apparent when you’re on your feet and active. You may feel pain free whilst resting on a plinth, but pain may still be present when you commence activity again. For this reason my dynamic treatment gets you up and active, leaving you feeling both strong and confident.

Two of the most important components of effective pain management are the relationship between the patient and the practitioner and the consistency of treatment. As mentioned previously, pain demands an explanation and unfortunately many people suffering from persistent pain, go from therapist to therapist in a search for a remedy. This often results in a lack of consistent treatment and differing opinions based on different therapist beliefs. This often results in confusion, frustration, and an escalation of fear around movement and exercise.

Persistent pain can be difficult to manage, but by understanding your experience I can provide consistent, progressive and evidence-informed treatment designed to increase your confidence and activity levels whilst reducing the negative impact of pain on your daily life. This will be achieved by developing a strong professional relationship that empowers you with the control over your discomfort in the knowledge that pain does not necessarily mean harm.

Osteopath Guernsey, Channel Islands

Osteopathy and Movement provides high quality  time and cost effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain

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